2016 Nationwide Nurse-In

2016 Nationwide Nurse-In on April 29th!

Bringing attention to breastfeeding laws to help end breastfeeding discrimination! 

It's a FREE event for the whole family! If you do breastfeed, did, are going to, or support it, this event is for you! 


Many people don't know that public breastfeeding is a protected right in every US State including DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam (except Idaho #LastButNotLeast). 


This ignorance of the law and of breastfeeding in general, results in many breastfeeding discrimination incidents everyday, across the country. Women are unlawfully told to cover, go to the bathroom, or leave! 


This type of discrimination is preventable with proper education for the public! 


The workplace pumping laws are another set of laws that protect breastfeeding moms and babies. Most of the public and more importantly, employers, are ignorant of this law! 

The federal workplace pumping law as well as some select states with additional protections, protect most employees' right to breaks and suitable location (not a bathroom) for the mother to pump during their work day. 


The goal of the Nationwide Nurse-In is to bring attention to these laws to help reduce the number of harassment and discrimination incidents across the country. 


In Idaho, our goal is to bring attention to the desperate need for such a protection law! 


The event is happening in front of the Capitol building in each state on April 29th! 


For more information about the event in your state, join your state page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/134483413550801/permalink/134503733548769/


We're still looking for organizers in some states! If you're interested, visit: https://www.facebook.com/nwnievents/posts/1689027491369201:0