5 Ways to Clean Up Your Friends List

1.) Try to do a little digging on your own, asking friends and family who's been complaining about your breastfeeding photos. You can often find the culprit just by asking. 

2.) Delete anyone who has ever been openly negative to you about your breastfeeding.

3.) Make a post that says something along the lines of "I want to see how many of my friends are uncomfortable with me posting breastfeeding pictures because I really value all of your opinions and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable so please let me know if my breastfeeding pictures make you uncomfortable." 
Be sure to edit it based on your usual writing style.

4.) Some women have success with making a post like this: "If this post gets at least 10 likes I will stop posting breastfeeding photos." The idea being that you delete anyone who likes your post.

5.) If you have a very aggressive and elusive reporter who you haven't been able to get rid of using the tactics above, this may be the only way to get them. 
1.) Choose a breastfeeding photo to post. 
2.) When posting, click the "To:" line to select who sees your photo.
3.) Only select your 10 most likely friends at a time so you can see if your photo is reported. 
4.) Continue posting photos with with less and less people allowed to see the photos until you find the person who is doing the reporting.

By: Laura Delmonico (Nationwide Nurse-In)