Body Image and Breastfeeding

There are a few people who truly know how you feel about yourself. It is common that our biggest critic, as a breastfeeding mother, is the person we see in the mirror everyday. Everyone thinks that there is something wrong with their body shape. Especially, when we are going to the front row of everyone's judgement by nursing our children in public.

In today's society, 53% of girls are “unhappy” with their bodies by the age of thirteen. This percentage increases to 78% by the time they are seventeen. (National Institute on Media and the Family) Can you imagine what the percentage is by time we are thirty? At what point in our life do we realize it doesn't matter what other people think? It's your body. Only you can control your thoughts.

On top of the average self esteem issues women experience everyday, we have to add the bullying and harassment that comes with nursing in public, or even posting a breastfeeding picture on Facebook. There is a ton of opposition women have to face, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. 

I am writing this to say thank you for putting aside your own self criticism, and nursing your children.

Thank you for realizing just how beautiful you are!

Believe it or not,  there is a great chance that every women you see or know has the same self esteem issues. We as women and sisters in milk need to lift up one another! Praise each other for the differences that tie us all together!

Despite all of the negative things we think ourselves, it still doesn't stop us from nursing in public.

If you are having a hard time finding confidence in your body, here are some helpful tips to improve your body image: 

• Don’t focus on what other people’s body looks like.

• Do focus on things you like about your appearance.

• Each day say one thing that you like about yourself.

• Focus on the accomplishments that have to do with who you are as a person.

• You do not need validation from anyone else, to feel good about yourself.

• Love yourself the way you are right now, not what our who you could be.

Remember, you're beautiful and your body is nourishing your child in a way no other person can!

-Brittany Siler