Breasts are Multifunctional

Recent discussion has people nationwide taking sides. Are breasts primarily for feeding children, or are they for sexual play?

We stand with both groups. But how?

Breasts are multifunctional, like other parts of the body.

Using breasts to nourish a child is normal and acceptable in public. Grabbing someone's breasts in public with consent usually is not.

For comparison, consider your mouth's functions. You eat, breathe, talk, and can perform sexual acts with it. All are natural. Eating, breathing, and talking are acceptable for public.

Can you imagine if we only labeled the functions of the mouth as "private" or "must be done under cover"? We would never go out because we couldn't breathe through our mouths, talk, or eat unless covering our heads with a blanket.

Breasts have more than one function, but the sexual function has been overinflated and applied in places where it does not belong.

Because breasts are multifunctional, we must separate these functions when we consider what is appropriate for public spaces.

Breastfeeding in public is normal, natural, and legal.

By Jill DeLorenzo