How to Plan a Nurse-In After a Discrimination Incident

1. Create a public event on Facebook. 


2. Share your story in the description.


3. Add a cover photo. 


4. Set a time and date, it's best to do it within a week or two of the incident. 


5.  If it's a particularly volatile situation, consider hosting your nurse-in in front of the business on public property. Businesses are legally allowed to ask you to leave if you are trespassing on their property or causing a disturbance with your presence. However, they may not ask you to leave because of breastfeeding (exception Idaho). 


6. Post the link to your state's public breastfeeding laws on the event. Find the laws at 


7. Send the event link to us in a message and we will share it on our page dedicated to Nurse-Ins  and may also share it on our public page.


8. Join your state's Nationwide Nurse-In page to share the event with people in your area!

Click this link to find the link to your state's group.


9.  Post the link to your event to other local breastfeeding groups! 


10. Contact your local news stations and papers about the incident, let them know the details of your nurse-in.