I am THAT young mom

I'm the one you gave the dirty look to at the grocery store. 

I'm the one you pointed to while "whispering" to your daughter, " Don't have a baby that young."

I'm the one you look at with pity. 

I'm the one who you told "Don't even try breastfeeding; it's too hard when you're a young mom."


I'm the one who doesn't care about your opinions about my age. 


 It may surprise you to know that I had a midwife attended, med free, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, and immediate latching, birth. 

Being young does not mean that I'm not informed and aware of my birth options. 


Yes, I had my baby younger that you think I should have. 

No, that does not mean that I'm a bad mom. 

I don't need your pity. I'm happy with my baby. 

I also don't need your unsolicited parenting advice. I know my child better than you do.


Next time you see a young mom, try smiling at her instead of glaring. 

Try meeting her with understanding and support rather than judgement.

Try offering her congratulations rather than "advice". 


Being a mother is hard work and we're all in it together, regardless of our age. Put aside your judgements and preconceived notions and rejoice in the new life!


Laura Delmonico