Nursing in the NICU After a Hit and Run

Congratulations Rheann and Gabriel on their first time breastfeeding!

Gabriel was delivered by emergency C-Section at 33 weeks after Reheann was in an accident caused by a reckless driver in a Hit-And-Run accident.


This is their story:

"Tuesday, in Statesboro, GA around 3 o' clock. A reckless driver slammed into me from behind on campus, causing me to jolt forward, pinching my lower abdomen with the seat belt, my upper abdomen slammed into the steering wheel, and caused my shoulder to jar which has caused great discomfort. I was 33 weeks pregnant at the time with my son, Gabriel Lee Kirby. The driver who hit me, continued on with his day, unaffected by the accident he had just caused by driving recklessly, and after very clearly seeing me exit my car and to see that I was very pregnant.. A classic hit and run. After arriving at our local hospital, the staff realized the trauma I suffered from hitting the steering wheel caused my placenta to rupture and both Gabriel and I were bleeding internally. They quickly made the decision to deliver Gabriel 7 weeks early by emergency c-section. Shortly after delivery, they transported Gabriel to Georgia Regents University to the NICU because he could not breathe on his own, as his lungs were not developed enough. I stayed behind in Statesboro to recover from the wreck and c-section. It has been a long journey already, and we've just begun."


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