Breasts are Multifunctional

Recent discussion has people nationwide taking sides. Are breasts primarily for feeding children, or are they for sexual play?

We stand with both groups. But how?

Breasts are multifunctional, like other parts of the body.

Using breasts to nourish a child is normal and acceptable in public. Grabbing someone's breasts in public with consent usually is not.

For comparison, consider your mouth's functions. You eat, breathe, talk, and can perform sexual acts with it. All are natural. Eating, breathing, and talking are acceptable for public.

Children are who they are because they are LOVED

"It breaks my heart several times a day when I visit this group (Facebook breastfeeding support group). Yes, there's tons of great information and encouragement, but it's also just full-to-overflowing with poor sweet mamas who are worrying themselves ragged. Your choice to breastfeed your baby is great (it really is!) and babies are designed to breastfeed (they really are!). But if it's hard, your baby will be fine. If it's just not working out, your baby will be fine. If you had a rough start and you feel bad about that and regret it, your baby will still be fine.

The Truth About Burgers and Breastfeeding

I am a mother.


That means I turn the ordinary into extraordinary. It started when I became a mother, and I took a sperm and made it into a beautiful child. It continues as I nourish my child with breast milk.

Postpartum, Raw and Unfiltered

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5 Signs Your Doctor Isn't Breastfeeding Educated

*Disclaimer: Children's health is our priority. We respect doctors, especially those who educate themselves on breastfeeding. We at Nationwide Nurse-In are not doctors and none of this information should be considered medical advice.
If you feel your doctor is not educated in breastfeeding you are well within your rights to change to one who is.

1. They recommend formula when it is not medically necessary.

2. They make statements about breastfeeding that aren't factual.

8 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Breastfeeding Educated Doctor

1. Do you refer mothers to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) or Lactation Consultant if they are having difficulties with breastfeeding?

-They should say yes. If a mother is having trouble with breastfeeding, an appointment with an IBCLC is very important! A doctor’s first response should not be “just pump and bottle feed.”

2. At what point would you recommend supplementation and what would you recommend formula or donated breastmilk?

Top 10 Breastfeeding Myths

*Disclaimer: Pro-breastfeeding does not mean anti formula. Nationwide Nurse-In supports all parents who feed their children. Below are facts, not judgements. Links and references can be found at the bottom of the page*

1. Myth: You can't breastfeed if you are taking any kind of medication.