This Story Could Save Your Child

For infants "too much water dilutes a baby's normal sodium levels and can lead to seizures, coma, brain damage and death."*

Make sure to tell everyone who watches your young baby, not to give them water so that what happened to this family, does not happen to yours! 

"I picked my son (8 weeks old) up at 3:30pm when I got off work. My grandmother told me she gave him 3oz of water at 2pm. He was fussy and crying then. We got home around 3:50pm he was still crying. I tried to nurse him he wouldn't nurse. I tried holding him, walking around with him, even laid him down he was still crying. By 4:20 to 4:30pm he was screaming with real tears and had a temp of a 100.2 and was kicking his feet and throwing his arms back and forth. We decided to go to the hospital with him and arrived at the hospital at 5:30pm. Told doctors and nurses immediately what was wrong they took us straight back to ICU hooked him up to wires and monitors, took all his clothes off diaper and all. 

At 5:46pm he had his first major seizure, the doctors worked frantically on him giving him meds and put an iv in for medication purposes. They got him stable around 6pm and told me they were going to lightly sedate him so they could start monitoring his brain, heart, and all his organs. 

At 6:22pm he had another major seizure. They then gave him more meds for seizures and stabilized him again. The doctor then put a tube down his stomach and sucked out all the contents that were in his stomach and put medication through a tube into his stomach. After that it was a waiting game, we were allowed to stay next to him as long as he was stable. 

He was fine untill about 10:30pm and then had another short seizure that wasn't as bad as the first two they made us go out of his room and watch from the glass then because even though it was a short seizure it made his heart rate go down really low and they put oxygen on him. About 20 minutes later he returned back to normal with a normal heart rate. 

At about 1:00am they told us he was totally stable and then started really explaining about what had happened to his body his organs were shutting down and they had given him a lot of medicine to make them start working again. Then they told us about his kidneys, which was the really bad news, they had shut down to only functioning at 25%. They said they were doing everything they could to make them start functioning properly again but it would take time because that was the part of his body that suffered the most damage. 

At 3:00am he made a lot of progress, they told us they would not give him any more sedation medication and let him wake up to see if his body would fight a little faster. After he woke up fully he started progressing much faster we got to touch him from inside his incubator and talk to him. I remember how happy he was just me touching him he kept smiling and cooing and finally faded off to sleep relaxed. They told me if he kept progressing at around 7:00am or 8:00am they would take all the wires off except his pulse and oxygen and let me hold him and try to nurse him!

At 7:30am they did as they told me they would since he had progressed his organs were functioning and his kidneys had started to function at 50% which was extremely amazing. The nurse put a onesie on him I had and handed him to me and the first thing he did was look at me and coo. He then started rooting wanting to nurse and the nurse told me I could nurse him as long as he didnt get choked up. As soon as he latched his whole body went limp and relaxed he nursed for about 15minutes and nursed himself to sleep in my arms. It was extremely emotional and blissful to have him back in my arms. I was sitting with my husband rapped around us nursing and holding him. 

I remember my husband crying and quietly talking in my ear how relieved he was to still have his baby boy and he then started praying asking God to keep healing our baby boy and thanking him for letting us keep him a little longer. The nurse let me hold him about 20 minutes longer after he had fallen asleep since it had calmed him so much and she told me she hadn't see his heart rate and pulse so perfect since we had got there. She then took him from me and explained they were going to start running more tests and checking his brain activity and organs and kidneys. They took him away from us for a test and told us the doctor was going to come speak with us. When the doctor came in the first thing I remember is him telling me I had a miracle baby and one of the strongest children he had seen in quite some time. He explained about my sons organs and brain and said they were doing great. He told us his kidney function was slowly getting better and would actually take a few days to totally recover since they had the most damage. He said we would have to come back everyday for about 2 weeks to run tests on his brain and kidneys. They wanted to run tests on his brain to see if any damage could be seen after his body started  healing. He said sometimes the seizures he had along with what his body went thru could cause some neurological damage and sometimes it can't be seen for days or weeks after the body had healed.

He then said his kidneys were functioning well enough for us to go home that afternoon as long as he didn't have any set backs after me nursing him a couple more times. We were extremely relieved from his news and were looking forward to having our baby home. At 4:30 that day we got discharged and were able to go home! 

We were thrilled!! 

We thanked everyone with tears of joy and hugged almost all the nurses and doctors! When we got home our son immediately was just relaxed and calmed probably the calmest and relaxed he had ever been since he was born. I, of course held him for hours. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday doctor visits were great we heard nothing but good news everytime about his kidneys and brain and organ function. Today's visit was just the same we are now at 90% function with his kidneys and are expected to be fully healed by tomorrow or Wednesday. We will continue doctor visits for another week and half and then go from there."


This family wishes to remain anonymous.