They Said I Should Not Use Donor Milk, But I Did


They told me I wouldn't get my fairy tale birth... but I did.

I got to deliver my son in a birthing center, drug free, in the water.

Then they told me that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed, but again, I did.

He latched on from day 1 and we exclusively breastfed for 3 months.

They told me that I couldn't cloth diaper... but again, I proved them wrong and I am still using cloth diapers.

This is a picture of my son surrounded by donated breastmilk. I am a breastfeeding mom who got tired and started to offer bottles. I know that I am not alone in feeling tired as a new mom. I tried to pump and build my own stash but every time I pumped my son demanded the milk. I chose not to give up with providing my son the absolute best I can give him. I chose to reach out to the village that helps raise my child and find the milk that he is meant to drink.

I was told that I shouldn't do it... but I did.

I listened to people warn me of the what ifs, but I continued to do what I felt was best for my child. I am a nursing mom who provides bottles of donor milk so I can have breaks.

I am a nursing mom who provides bottles of donor milk so I can keep my sanity.

I am a nursing mom who uses cloth diapers, baby wears, and uses donor milk.

I am a mom who is exposed to bullying because of my choices...

I am not stuck up...

I am not a formula bashing mom...

I am a mom who believes that I can do whatever I feel is best for my child. I am also a mom who supports you to do the same because we all deserve that right.

This donor milk has helped me be a better mommy to my son. I chose to place the milk in a heart to show my donors that my son and I love and appreciate them.

This picture is yet another way to normalize breastfeeding.

-Melonie Kilby