The Truth About Burgers and Breastfeeding

I am a mother.


That means I turn the ordinary into extraordinary. It started when I became a mother, and I took a sperm and made it into a beautiful child. It continues as I nourish my child with breast milk.

Isn't it amazing? I can take food - any food! - and make it into the absolute perfect meal for my child.

It doesn't matter if that food is savory, spicy, sweet, full of sugar or fat, organic, balanced, or imperfect.

It's what mothers around the world have done since the beginning of time.

My body takes these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and brings them to my breasts, where I add antibodies, growth factors, enzymes, and more.

Even with my imperfect diet, I can make the perfect food for my baby.

And that's something that nothing and nobody can duplicate.

So when you say "You are what you eat," you can call my baby "human". That's because my baby is fed the perfect food that only I can make: my breastmilk.


This post is written in response to the Paediatric Society of Rio Grande do Sul (SPRS), an organization sponsored by Nestlé, which recently released an ad campaign to undermine breastfeeding and market breastmilk substitutes. This post is designed to celebrate the art of breastmilk production. It is not intended to shame those who do not breastfeed. For more information on ad campaigns that undermine breastfeeding, please visit

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